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2014-01-29 10:01 pm
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Catalogue of Amma Threads

Awkward first kisses in KISS KISS KISS Meme.
Angsty werewolf Sirius meme thread.
Movie Night; Or: Why Sirius Should Rent More Werewolf Films.
Reunited at Grimmauld Place meme thread.
Jailbait Remus; Or: Butter.
Drunk Christmas and mistletoe.
Slytherin Sirius (Load Intensive).
Vampire Sirius.
DV Test Run.
Remus the Bed Creeper.
Christmas 1977.
Remus isn't a werewolf! ...yet.
BB Remus and Sirius snuggles.
Werewolf Sirius.
Maison smut.
Various Muggle AU threads; including infamous Lapdance Thread.
Sirius proposes.
Hooking up over summer holiday at the Potter's.
Post-Azkaban dancey times; fucking in the kitchen again.
Amnesiac Sirius.
Break-up, make-up, and mirror sex.
Sirius gets a concussion and then they bone.
Remus moves in, motorbike ride, argument, and everyone feels bad for Mordecai.
Muggle Witchcraft and devil-worship.
Sex on a motorbike?
A memorial in the woods.
Really kind of shoulda' told him about that mate thing...

Seregil and Alec
Cabin time!
Starring Alec and Seregil in: Why Won't My Boyfriend Let Me Take Him in the Ass?
Breaking and ENTERING if you catch my drift har har.

Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel in the shower.

Barnabas and Mordecai
"Canon" timeline.
Bar is a mad scientist, Mordecai is pissed.
BB Bar and Mordecai. ):
Muggle AU; Bar is a sexy exchange student.

Cecil and Carlos
Cecil has tentacles. Carlos probes... for science!